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Since I know I’m not a kind of person who’ll blog the entire episodes, I’ll limit myself to post about my thoughts as my first impressions and final impressions of animes. Same goes for games, though I’m pretty much to write after I finish it.

See you around!




Puella Magi Madoka Magica

So yeah, I haven’t written anything in a while (okay, I’m a lazy person but I already swear to myself to let this blog active. Please help me oh Dear God..)


Recently became addicted to this series, which people often called “Madoka Magica”. At first I thought this was another cutesy type of those mahou shoujo anime so I evaded this one from my watch list. (Can’t stand them, don’t blame me). Thanks to the prolog scenes on its first episode, it saved me. I was wow, and when I heard the pieces of Kalafina (or apparently it’s just Kajiura Yuki’s, because Kalafina already sang “Magia” in here, I don’t know if the one I mentioned was “Magia”). But when I saw that it was just Madoka’s dream and the opening song animation, I almost thought that I killed myself, but no, I didn’t. I just brought myself to add one more series into my watch list.

Okay, so that was my first impressions.

Other than finding out that Kajiura Yuki is the one who did the music, my another reason that urged me to watch this series is it’s a dark-themed anime (Okay, feel free to hit me because I rarely checked them out before airing, I only checked those which I watched afterwards :'< sorry..). And yeah, awesome backgrounds. Absolutely love the world beyond those magic portals. Plus, Urobuchi Gen wrote it. He wrote for Nitroplus and I’ve read a few of the ones he worked on. I love Nitroplus.

So many Hage-sans in here

And WHAT THE HELL IS THAT KIND OF SCHOOL? It’s too awesome to believe. Somehow there’s slightly, no I want my school to be like that. Maybe. I guess. Okay, I admit it. Want. And her house too. Plus Kyubei’s cute. Yeah, some said that they dislike him. Well, maybe just a little, I like him. (I love those magical animals, in games, in animes, whenever I found them orz. Should I have come to like Pokemon too?)

*Fast Forward* okay, so far, my fav is Mami (okay everyone does). and Kyubei.



Lesson for today : “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. Now I experienced it myself. And for you guys out there, don’t think twice whether you should put it into your watch list or not. You’re not going to lose anything watching this series. It’s worth trying. Well, more than worth then. Even more if you like Mahou Shoujo type of anime or dark themed stories. Or both.  (Okay, I’m going to shut my mouth now ><)


Another Gilgamesh, but she's cuter.

Okay. This is Just Ridiculous

How could those guys got freaked out watching horror movies while they’re obviously more scary than the one on tv…

it's just a movie guys...

well, people have their own reasons..

Short Animation

well, I just watched some short animation yesterday and now I’m going to watch Ani*Kuri15.. Found about them after did some random searching on MAL website.
I’m going to share 2 of my favorites here..

EGAO by Makoto Shinkai, the one who directed “5 Centimeters per Second” and some others. I love this one so much since it got a hamster and I miss my hamsters so much..

HAIRY TALE , directed by Nakazawa Kazuto. lol’d hard at the end of the video. you’ll know why.. (And I won’t cut my long hair anymore because of this video) and wait.. did I just see black-haired “Rapunzel”?

Touhou M-1, it’s addicting

Now, after watching some of 4th and 5th Touhou M-1.. I narrowed down my favorites for today.

4th Touhou M-1 Grand Prix : Moriya Kero

First, the stupid one is Suwako, well let’s see what she did with those birthday dates..
But in the end I love Kanako because of this video, she’s really hillarious when sang those “S”hibli’s soundtracks xD I can’t hold it anymore when she learnt to sing that “Ponyo on the Cliff” and kept singing back those “Momiji~ Momiji~” (parody of My Neighbour Totoro)

5th Touhou M-1 Grand Prix : Shutter Girl

okay, my fav touhou girl ever Shameimaru Aya kept abusing my least fav girl, Izayoi Sakuya (hate her because there was a time that I could not beat her, okay that’s one of my stupid reasonings) with those stupid quiz with Himekaidou Hatate. yeah, she kept trolling her, well this one could be funny or even annoying based on how you watched this.

Yumekui Merry (it’s not so me, I watched this.. whut?)


Okay, so recently I just watched 2 first episodes of Yumekui Merry (more of because when my bro told me that the author, Yoshitaka Ushiki was the one who made Advent Cirno doujin. -okay why those people with “Yoshitaka” family name are talented..like Yoshitaka Amano, Yoshitaka Abe orz- And when I saw some illustrations for Yumekui Merry , I said “Hideyoshi?”.. oh well, of course not. Even my bro said that they’re not alike, well..forgive my eyes).

Usually  I’m not the kind to watch mainstream anime but lately I’ve been watching all of those animes to widen my point of view so.. okay, let me begin my first anime review ever.


So well, some of you might already know that this anime is an adaptation from 「夢喰いメリー」or “Dream Eater Merry” manga which is written by Yoshitaka Ushiki and got produced by J.C.Staff.

The story is going around a girl named “Merry Nightmare” which turns out to be a dream demon. These dream demons need to possess humans to be their “vessels” to go outside from dream world into our human world.But unlike those other demons, she doesn’t need a vessel. The story progressing to her meeting with our hero, “Fujiwara Yumeji”. Yumeji. Well, yeah he got this “yume” kanji in his name. He’s just an ordinary school boy which possessed an unordinary talent, he can predict other people dreams. Though his ability is not always got the bull’s eye. They’re just right into the target when he saw those black colors which means that he’ll got a nightmare and his nightmare is full of kitties.

After Yumeji’s meeting with Merry (actually.. she fell on top of him), he found himself entered the dream world -after talked with a cute kuroneko-chan-Strangely, what he saw in this world is no different with his late nightmare, that cat ambush dream. And his encounter with a dream demon “Chaser John Doe” made him know about dream world, dream demons, and Merry.

It’s quite interesting to see how their (Yumeji and Merry) relationship would be, and the fact that he’s being targeted by this John Doe guy who aims for making him his vessel in order to go into human world.

"It's crunchy and sweet and.. and.. the best food in this world?"

The story’s not really difficult to follow, stuffs which go around Yumeji and Merry such as the demon world and the fact that Yumeji decides to help Merry finds her way home also all the mysteries that surrounding them are not that complicated. Though there will be some dark elements in this anime that this story’s main theme is “dream” (usually when we talk about dreams, it’s often got the dark feelings around the story right?)

I quite like the character designs, though character in the human world are pretty much average. I like people from dream world designs. Well, they’re dreamy (of course, they live in dream world) and Merry’s hat is one of those frilly hats.. (yay?) And well, we got this Tachibana Isana, there..a childhood friend for our hero. Just speaking my opinion, I’m getting tired of this childhood friend stuffs (orz).

Speaking about the voice casts. Apparently Merry’s being voice by a newcomer, Sakura Ayane who also sang the ending song. Well, it seems like there’s quite some newcomers in this anime.

Okay, so I guess this series is worth watching and I am quite interested in seeing how the story’s going to develop.




I swear I once saw him somewhere...

Winter Anime 2011


Which one will I nom on?

So let’s see… I’ve just downloaded Starry☆Sky yesterday night (more of because I once played the game, but I understand nothing so, better if I just watch the anime).

I’ll just mention the ones which caught my eyes.

1. Fractal (looks interesting, well.. I like those journey type of animes, I’ll just try to stand the romance)
2. Yumekui Merry (better not ask why)
3. Beelzebub (oho, it got into anime)
4. GOSICK (go Bones? okay, to be honest..setting takes place in 1900s, European.. so well, let’s just see how it turns out)
5. USAGIGOYA (don’t ask. it just caught my eye)
6. Kore wa Zombie desu ka? (don’t know why but I feel like watching it, not my genre though)
7. Iron Vendetta #0 (maybe I should watch the series first)
8. Kara no Kyoukai : Epilogue (*whistles*)
9. Soukyuu no Fafner : Heaven and Earth (…)
10. Macross Frontier : Sayonara no Tsubasa (let’s just try)
11. Supernatural : the Animation (another try)

well guys? which one will you choose?